A little about Craig

Craig was born and raised in Quincy, Florida and is the 5th child of R.D. and Ethel Edwards. He was brought up in a Christian home with a strong emphasis on music.
Craig did not sing in public until he was 33 years old after hearing a sermon series on gifts and playing a life changing game of golf with Pastor Greg Kell. The sermon series, in short, emphasized that the gifts God has given will be taken away if they are not used to glorify Him. He soon joined the choir at Thomas Memorial Baptist Church.
Craig is married to Bridget Stanley and they have 2 children: Noah (7) and Noelle (3). They live in Panama City and enjoy their new church, Hiland Park Baptist Church.
Craig is employed with the United States Postal Service as a letter carrier and Bridget is an English teacher. Noah is the in first grade and Noelle just seems to get into everything at home. 



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